The mobilization of citizens and other stakeholders to take action at the local level is critical for the protection, development and operation of the local built environment.  To participate in the process, public awareness must be raised and complementary action between diverse sectors and stakeholders must be coordinated.

The enablers of sustainable communities are facilitators of the development and operation of the built environment.   These include NGOs, public institutions, and trade associations that suggest solutions and provide resources for their realization.

Part of strategic planning and action management is awareness of the resources to take successful action.  The resources facilitate the intended social and political change and collaboration with like-minded organizations that may join forces in taking the appropriate action.

Various open resources cover the policies and governance of the socioeconomic transformation of societies at the international, domestic and local levels.  These include the specific roles of legislation, litigation, national, regional and local government, and the private sector in these processes.

Circular economy projects, products and services for the sustainable development and operation of the local circular economy are promoted.  Issues of concern about the local built environment calling for action by stakeholders and policymaker attention and topical issues of interest concerning the development and operation of the local built environment are posted.

Meetings, discussions and petitions provide stakeholders with a democratic and transparent mechanism to direct issues of concern to policymakers.  Petitioning is a long-established fundamental right of the citizen and the only direct means by which governments are asked to take action.

BuildAction enables you to participate in local governance by mobilizing democratic support for a particular policy or action, to ensure the sustainable development and operation of your community.  The platform provides you with the tools to communicate, collaborate, cooperate and coordinate the involvement of other interested stakeholders.