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BuildAction – Enable Your Community
Engage — Take Stake in Communities

The BuildAction platform unites interested stakeholders and enables them to take stake in communities and to take action for their protection and sustainable development and operation. BuildAction communities provide a proper environment for stakeholders to communicate, collaborate, cooperate and coordinate action.


Community stakeholders can launch initiatives, engage in discussion with like-minded individuals, suggest solutions for the sustainable development and operation of communities, request services and solutions for local development projects, and post petitions addressed to community policymakers.

All citizens and other stakeholders in the development communities are welcome to participate and interact, collaborate and encourage sustainable development and use of land, buildings and infrastructure in the community.  These include the stakeholders in the local and regional built environment – the representatives of countries, communities, companies, non-governmental and civil society organizations, and citizens.

The active participation of stakeholders at the local level is critical for the protection and development of communities.  The stakeholders can serve as the driving force in the sustainable development and protection of our communities.

Participation calls for direct citizen involvement in government decision-making and service delivery.  Civic engagement is essential for the sustainable development of the local socioeconomic environment, to increase political trust, and strengthen democratic values.

BuildAction Communities facilitates the collaboration of community stakeholders – individuals, businesses, public institutions, and civil society organizations – to engage in community initiatives and take collaborative action.  The sustainable development of communities, businesses and society is all about collaborating to realize shared goals.

Become a moderator of your community (see Act as a Moderator on the community page once you are logged on).  Community moderators ensure the integrity of the group and compliance with the terms of engagement with the group.