Community participation is the key element for citizen empowerment.  Stakeholder involvement is essential for the sustainable development of the socioeconomic environment, to increase political trust, and strengthen democratic values.

Community participation enables stakeholders to realize their rights to participate in problem-solving and decision-making processes that affect their day-to-day life.  It allows for the identification of concerns and their addressing through communication, collaboration, cooperation and coordination of appropriate civil action with different community stakeholders, including government authorities.

Community participation entails active stakeholder involvement in all aspects of strategic planning and implementation of development projects and programs at the local level.  It motivates the stakeholder to work together to realize opportunities, increase the standard of living, and stimulate economic growth within the community.

The active involvement of stakeholders at the local level calls for direct citizen participation in government decision-making and service delivery.  For the protection and to encourage the sustainable development operation of the local built environment, community stakeholders must cooperate on taking collective action.

BuildAction enables civil society and the stakeholders in the private and public sectors to take the action required for the sustainable development and operation of their communities.  The platform provides a proper and respectful open environment for interested parties in the local and regional built environment to participate and communicate, collaborate, cooperate and coordinate the appropriate action among the stakeholders in their community.

BuildAction allows you to engage directly with the enablers of the sustainable development and operation of the built environment, offer products and services, suggest resources, repost relevant news, and post petitions addressed to national policymakers.  At the local level, you can also voice concerns, engage in discussions, request solutions for local projects, repost news of interest to the community, announce meetings, and post petitions addressed to local and regional policymakers.