The BuildAction platform enables stakeholders to take action for the sustainable development and operation of the built environment in communities.  BuildAction communities provide a proper and respectful environment for stakeholders to communicate, collaborate, cooperate, and coordinate action.

Stakeholders can launch initiatives, engage in discussion with like-minded individuals, suggest solutions for the sustainable development and operation of communities, request services and solutions for local development projects, and post petitions addressed to community policymakers.  Individual initiatives (“concerns”) are posted on their own, can be substantiated with news, supported by resources, and used to post petitions.

All citizens and other stakeholders in the development communities are welcome to participate and interact, collaborate and encourage sustainable development and use of land, buildings and infrastructure in the community.  These include the stakeholders in the local and regional built environment – the representatives of countries, communities, companies, non-governmental and civil society organizations, and citizens.

Your use of the platform is predicated on your understanding of the Privacy Policy in conjunction with the Terms and Conditions, which you are agreeing to when using the platform.  Kindly refer to the General Terms and Conditions for definition and clarification.

The Official Language of the platform and the Terms and Conditions is English.  Use the auto translator below for the translation of content into one of the available languages.

Our Privacy Policy complies with data protection legislation, in particular with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and includes our Cookie Policy.  We shall comply with all applicable legal provisions regarding data protection.

By participating, you are agreeing to the BuildAction Community Code of Conduct below.  You are to familiarize yourself with, and agree to abide by, this Code of Conduct.

Scope and Guidelines

This Code of Conduct applies to all community member content on and communication via the BuildAction platform.  This includes postings, comments, discussions, and emails in BuildAction communities and any community-hosted social media groups.

All communities are intended to conduct cordial discussions among community members.  Members are encouraged to:

  • Seek advice and input on intended initiatives;
  • Engage in discussion on all relevant issues;
  • Suggest solutions for the sustainable development and operation of the community;
  • Request services and solutions for local development projects; and
  • Post petitions requesting action from governmental authorities or public office holders.

Appropriate behavior contributes to the productivity and longevity of the community and includes:

  • Positively representing the community;
  • Using welcoming and inclusive language;
  • Treating everyone with respect and consideration;
  • Communicating openly and thoughtfully with others;
  • Being considerate of the different views and opinions;
  • Refraining from demeaning or harmful language; and
  • Effectively communicating, cooperating and collaborating.

Refrain from posting about topics unrelated to the built environment, posting redundant information, or posting excessively long posts.  BuildAction disallows the posting of an initiative (concern) more than once. Consider searching the community’s archives to see if a topic has been discussed before.

If posting a new initiative or discussion topic, use a good descriptor in the subject line to help community members and visitors to understand the issue.

When engaging in a discussion, consider whether the issue is relevant to the entire community or whether it would be better to engage in a one-on-one discussion instead.

BuildAction encourages civil debate on topics related to the built environment and disallows offensive and harmful language.  BuildAction provides a proper and respectful environment for communities to communicate, cooperate and collaborate.

BuildAction also disallows the posting of the same opinion or position more than once.  Any spamming, trolling, flaming, baiting or other attention-stealing behavior is not welcome and will not be tolerated.

Authors retain copyright to material posted in the communities and all digests and compilations derived from them.  In posting material copyrighted by others, members must respect the rights of the copyright holders and copyrighted material may not be reproduced in other media in whole or in part without the express permission of the original authors.  No more of a work should be quoted than is necessary to make a point and the excerpt should be linked to the full online comment or article.

Products and services for the sustainable development of the built environment may be promoted in the community.  To suggest a solution, the Add Solution form must be used.

Products and services wanted for local building projects can be requested via the Add Request form.  Circular products and services should be requested when available.  This should not be used to place job ads.

Upon request and payment of a fee, ads may be posted in the community via the Ad Placement form.  Ads of any nature may not be posted on the discussion board or elsewhere in the community under any circumstances.

Community members who believe the Code of Conduct has been violated in any way may report presumed violations on the Issues board for viewing and discussion by the community.  This ensures transparency in the community.

One or more community moderators are authorized to make judgment calls about what is and isn't appropriate and block inappropriate postings.  Inappropriate posting can also result in further consequences for the alleged offender.

Offenders may be issued a warning or placed under observation by a community moderator.  Depending on the severity of the offense, offenders may be banned from the community and the actions announced to the rest of the community, but with the opportunity for offenders to comment on the threatened action.

Members who believe their concerns have gone unaddressed by the community or who wish to contest a decision by a community moderator related to the Code of Conduct may contact in English and request arbitration.