Civil action campaigns commonly call for external funding for support.  For external funding, you must determine the amounts of money to be raised, for what aspects of the campaign, from what types of organizations, and in what form.

From individual donors, support is solicited from the campaigners themselves and members of their social networks, participants in campaign events, community members, visitors to the campaign website, and members of the general public who share interest in the campaign cause.

Community donor support comes from small businesses, associations, clubs, and faith-based groups.  Campaigns that involve the community generally give a boost to the campaign in terms of resources and credibility.

Institutional donors are generally those funding organizations that give grants to other organizations and individuals, within a policy framework that reflects the mandate of the organization.  Corporate donors ("sponsors") are typically large businesses that wish to make a financial or in-kind donation towards the campaign or to sponsor specific activities.

Grants funding signals legitimacy of your cause.  Grants enhance the perceived credibility of your mission and organization, and make it more likely that you receive other grants.

Any campaign that needs external funding should include a fundraising strategy in its overall strategic plan, which requires you to define clear goals and how these goals will be pursued.  Fundraisers usually ask you to provide a product, service or event that will allow others to contribute money.

A quality communication strategy enhances the visibility and credibility of a campaign, making it more appealing to potential donors.  To mobilize policy action, public awareness must be raised and coordinated and complementary actions between diverse sectors and constituencies encouraged.

Support for public action is mobilized through a variety of methods.  These include letters or postcards and petitions addressed to political decision-makers, opinion leaders, and the media.