We can be the driving force in the sustainable development and protection of the community. The active participation of citizens at the local level is critical for the protection and development of the community.

Civic engagement is essential for the sustainable development of the local socioeconomic environment, increasing political trust, and strengthening democratic values. Participation calls for the direct involvement of community stakeholders in government decision-making and public service delivery.

This BuildAction community was established on the best-practice principles of public participation in the political process. We can voice our concerns, provide links to relevant articles, reports and other information that validate the concerns, engage others in discussing our concerns, and request action from governmental authorities and public office holders.

We can provide practical experiences and case studies where citizen participation has proven to be a success and undertake collective action to transition towards a sustainable community. This allows the local government to better understand our needs and take the action that it calls for.

We encourage the engagement of all like-minded citizens who have a direct stake in the development and operation of the community as well as individuals who represent stakeholders from the public and private sectors.  Together, we voice concerns about the development of the built environment (buildings and infrastructure) in the local biosphere.

Citizen participation in local governance is facilitated through a set of tools and techniques enacted to promote good governance at the local level.  This group is only one tool for addressing the challenges as we move toward implementing the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and realizing the climate agreement.

You and other stakeholders make up this group, which helps you to build the necessary action to ensure the sustainable development and operation of the community.

The action we take is up to us.

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