Community Action

Taking Action Locally

The combined force of individuals drives the sustainable development of communities.  The active participation of citizens at the local level is critical for the protection and development of communities.  Local citizens can serve as the driving force in the sustainable development and protection of our communities.

Action Guidance

Planning for Action

The chosen action for change must be well planned, prepared and managed.  A good strategic plan guides you throughout the process, provides all stakeholders with a clear understanding of the intended action, and helps instill confidence in the undertaking, identification with the cause, and encourage support.

Action Resources

Resources for Action

Articles, reports and other information is used to validate your concerns.  Database of climate laws, policies and litigation, and initiatives should be referenced for deciding the desired results, determining the appropriate course of action, and identifying potential allies.

Petition Action

Petitioning for Action

A petition is a request for action addressed to a governmental authority or public office holder that originates from one or more concerned members of the public.  They allow citizens to participate politically by seeking to influence the government by mobilizing mass democratic support for a particular action.

BuildAction facilitates your engagement and interaction with like-minded community stakeholders and the petitioning governmental authorities, public office holders, companies and industry associations to take action to adapt their policies and strategies to meet their duty of care toward their citizens.

Democracy is based on accountability and citizen participation.  Meetings, forums and petitions provide citizens with an open, democratic, and transparent mechanism to direct issues of concern to their government policymakers.

The action taken will depend on the merit of each case, its jurisdiction, and the strengths and weaknesses of the respective parties.  Depending on the action taken, it may call for the involvement of lawyers, experts, other participants and stakeholders and require resources and tools to manage and control the process.

Taking action is generally a time-consuming and potentially costly process that must be well prepared and well managed.  Part of strategic planning and action management is awareness of the resources to take successful action.

Various open resources cover the governance and political economy of transformations at the international and domestic levels.  They cover the specific roles of legislation, litigation, subnational government and the private sector in these processes.

Petitioning is a long-established fundamental right of the citizen and the only direct means by which governments are asked to take action.  Petitions enable the general public to participate in governance by mobilizing mass democratic support for a particular policy or action.

Online petitioning (e-petitioning) is the most accessible way to mobilize large numbers of activists to support a particular cause and enables the public to participate in policymaking processes.  It is a central tool to express public sentiment and mobilize large collective actions.

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