Articles, reports and other public information is used to validate your concerns.  Various open resources cover the governance and political economy of transformations to low-carbon and climate-resilient societies at the international and domestic levels, including the specific roles of legislation, litigation, subnational government and the private sector in these processes.

Some research platforms integrate legal information with business news and intelligence and provide cases, statutes, news, docket information, points of law, and transactional documents.  Some resources are in languages other than English, including German and French.

Databases of laws, policies, litigation, and initiatives should be referenced to decide the appropriate action and prepare the case.  A broad range of databases and resources provide legal and legislative information from many jurisdictions around the world for deciding the desired results, determining the best course of action, and identifying potential allies.

Part of strategic planning and action management is awareness of the resources and the future environment to successfully respond to changes. An accessible and constantly updated database of quality information should be used in the decision-making process and to assess the strengths, weaknesses and performance that will highlight the critical issues to be addressed in the strategic plan.

Whatever the course of action taken, it will call for resources and the involvement of others.  For this, it is recommended that you use resources that facilitate the intended social and political change and collaboration with like-minded organizations that may join you in deciding and taking the appropriate action.

Legal action calls for the engagement of lawyers as well as experts on the issues being litigated.  Some resources provide access to organizations and lawyers across the world who, as concerned members of the legal community, are committed to providing assistance and taking action to uphold human rights and protect the environment.